Black+DECKER LLP120B Bare Max Lithium Ion Alligator Lopper Saw Review

If you are a novice at cutting, trimming or pruning tree branches, then the Black Decker LLP120B Bare Max Lithium Ion Alligator Lopper Saw is the ideal choice for you. Perfect for trimming all sorts of tree branches up to 4 inches of thickness, this tool is not restricted by an electric cord as it is cordless and powered by a chargeable 20V Lithium Ion battery. This works as well as a conventional gas chainsaw but it much lighter, safer and easier to use as it completely runs on electric power. Here is why you should consider Black+Decker LLP120B Bare Max Lithium-Ion Alligator Lopper Saw when planning to buy your next trimming tool.


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Features Black Decker LLP120B Bare Max Lithium Ion Alligator Lopper Saw

Innovative Clamping Jaws ! Patented Technology

The clamping jaws of this tool are unique and patented, which grab the branches easily and cut them smoothly in a scissor-like fashion. Cutting is therefore as efficient as that of a chainsaw without actually using one. Alligator Lopper style tool is, therefore, less cumbersome to use when compared with your conventional bulky chainsaw.

Small, Portable and Cordless! Yet Absolutely Powerful

In a single charge, the alligator lopper can cut up to 150 branches of 1-1/2 inch diameter and can even cut thicker 4-inch branches of a tree. So whether you want to clean up all the fallen branches after a storm, trim small shrubs or thick branches of a tree, this tool from Black and Decker does it all! Plus, since it is battery powered and truly cordless, you can move around freely without being restricted by a cord plugged into a power outlet. There are also no gas emissions, keeping the air clean, unlike a traditional gas-powered chainsaw. The battery life of the Black Decker LLP120B Bare Max Lithium Ion Alligator Lopper Saw is impressive.

Safety first always! Covered chain and blades

To ensure that there are no nasty accidents while cutting, the tool is designed such that the dual hand switches have to be actuated for it to start, thereby preventing accidental starting. So be rest assured that it will start only when you actually start actuating both the hand switches so that you do not injure yourself. There are metal guards covering the jaws of the cutter so that you remain protected from the chain and once cutting is complete, the guards snap back to conceal the blades. So your hands always remain away from the sharp cutting blades.

Light and easy to carry around

Even with the battery installed, the appliance weighs only 6.8 pounds which are lighter than a chainsaw. So cutting is completely effortless and no tiring. Other cutting saws and tools and tools are considerably heavier and bulkier, and thus cutting often may become a hassle. The Black Decker LLP120B Bare Max Lithium Ion Alligator Lopper Saw, however, has been designed that the battery weight is 50 percent lesser to make trimming and pruning truly hassle free.

Energy efficient and Star rated by EFA!

The power tool consumes the minimum energy required to get the job done. It has an energy star rating. The US EPA has therefore certified it, as being environment-friendly, as it consumes normal energy.


The Black+Decker LLP120B Bare Max Lithium-Ion Alligator Lopper Saw comes with a limited warranty of two years so you can remain assured that if the performance is not as expected, there is accountability from Black and Decker.

What We Like

  • Effortlessly cuts 1 inch to 4-inch branches
  • Long lasting power due to the 20v Max Lithium battery, sufficient to cut 150 branches in one charge.
  • Smooth, scissor-like cutting motion
  • Blades and chain always covered, hence, you always remain safe
  • No accidental starting, as designed to start only when double hand switches are actuated
  • Light and weighs 6.8 pounds only
  • No power extension cords that get tangled, completely battery powered
  • Energy star rated
  • Limited 2-year warranty from manufacturer

What We Don’t Like

  • Takes some time and practice to get used to the tool
  • Triggers need to be squeezed evenly or it will not start
  • Regular oiling required

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Is the tool very heavy and tiring to use?

Answer: The alligator Lopper saw weighs only 6.8 pounds which make it easy and convenient to carry around

Question: Does it work with 20V batteries from Black and Decker appliances, say a battery powered drill?

Answer: Black and Decker 20 volt batteries are uniforms across all tools, so the B and D drill’s 20V Battery can be used for the Alligator saw.

Question: I do not have much arm strength as I am around 60 years old. Will I be able to use it?

Answer: The tool is not bulky and does not require too much strength. A 60-year-old with average arm strength will be able to use it without trouble.

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The BLACK DECKER LLP120B Bare Max Lithium Ion Alligator Lopper Saw is a remarkable power tool and is a great option to consider. It is light, safe, cordless and easy to use. So next time you want to trim the shrubs in your courtyard chooses this alligator lopper saw.

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