Homelite ZR43100 9.0 Amp 14 in Electric Chain Saw Review

You may have some tasks to do in your home and garden and need a good chainsaw.  The Homelite ZR43100 9 Amp 14 in Electric Chain Saw makes these tasks around your home lightly. A small but powerful tool, this chainsaw is handy and easy to use. If you are looking for a powerful, stable and safe to use the product, this is it. It cuts well and you put out minimal effort while using it as it does its job. Read on to find out why this is your best pick to aid you in the work on your home and garden.

Homelite ZR43100 9.0 Amp 14 in Electric Chain Saw Review

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The following are some of the features of Homelite ZR43100 9 Amp 14 in Electric Chain Saw


The 9.0 amp motor provides it with enough power to do the tasks. This small but powerful Homelite ZR43100 9.0 Amp Chain Saw enables you to do tasks with minimal hassle. You do not need to exert force while cutting as you just let the machine do its job. The chainsaw can cut into trunks and limbs measuring up to 12 inches. The bar, measuring 14 inches, enables to cut smoothly. You are able to do so much with this chainsaw that is small in size.

Factory Reconditioned

This means that the product has been returned to the manufacturer, who works on it so as to bring it back with a brand new look. The new condition is better and modifications have been made so as to give the user a great experience. You are sure that you are getting a good product as the manufacturer tests it thoroughly. It is made so as to meet the required high-quality standards. Thus, the chainsaw is bought when it is in good condition.


The chainsaw is made to ensure that you are safe when using it. The chances of kickback occurring are eliminated by the Safe-T-Tip® nose guard and low profile chain, measuring 3/8 inches, on the bar. It is an electric chainsaw and thus, unlike other chainsaws that use gas and oil, you are not exposed to harmful gas emissions.

Easy to use

As it is designed to be used in the home and garden for simple tasks, one does not need to be an expert or a lumberjack to handle it. It is not assembled but it is easy to set up. You do not require a wrench so as to tighten the chain as the chainsaw has a tool-less chain tensioner. A beginner gets a good start using it after reading the manual and using the guidelines well.


You have total control while handling the Homelite ZR43100 9 Amp 14 in Electric Chain Saw. The cuts are precise and just as you would like them to be. It has a hand guard that is built-in, offering you with stability and good control of the appliance when it is used. The 14-inch bar also offers you with a larger cutting swath. This makes the cutting process easier. The wrap around handle gives you a firm grip on the chainsaw.

Great price

The Homelite ZR43100 9.0 Amp 14 in Electric Chain Saw is offered at an incredibly affordable price. Although the price is lower than that which other products are being sold at, this does not mean that its quality is any lower. You are still getting value for money, with this chainsaw that has great functionality and stability. It also comes with a guarantee period of one year.

What We Like

  • Lubrication of the chain is done by the automatic oiler.
  • You do not have to keep checking on the oil level as there is an oil level window.
  • Kick back prevention is made possible by the bar which has Safe-T-Tip® nose guard and a low profile chain measuring 3/8 inches.
  • The chainsaw is stable and you have control over it while cutting.

What We Don’t Like

  • It does not have an anti-vibration handle.
  • It is not suitable for cutting tree trunks and limbs that have a diameter measuring more than 12inches.
  • Because it has been reconditioned, the Homelite ZR43100 9.0 Amp 14 in Electric Chain Saw may contain some cosmetic blemishes such as sawdust and oil on it.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question: Is it compatible with 220V?

Answer: No, it is a standard appliance that has a 15A plug and is compatible with 120V. 

Question: Do I need a wrench?

Answer: No, the Homelite ZR43100 9.0 Amp 14 in Electric Chain Saw has a chain tensioner which is tool-less.

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If you need to do small jobs, the Homelite ZR43100 9 Amp 14 in Electric Chain Saw is the perfect chainsaw. Using it is effortless you just let it do the cutting. Its 14-inch bar gives you a good cutting swath and cuts diameters measuring up to 14 inches. It is also safe to use and offers you great stability and control, exposing you to minimal harm.

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