Remington RM1025P Ranger Electric Chain Saw Review

Do you want to extend your capacity to reach the overhead branches up to 15 feet high which have an adjustable telescoping pole? The Remington RM1025P Ranger 10Inch 8Amp 2-1 Electric ChainSaw can be an ideal solution for many professionals.  The 8 Amp electric motor drives the saw with 10 inches which have an Oregon low kickback bar and chainsaw. There is a tool-less quick change from pole saw to the chainsaw. This Remington chainsaw has Aluminum inner pole for extra strength which can control during the extended-reach operations. The device has good ratings and customers are satisfied for its functionality, efficiency, and versatility. The chainsaw is lightweight and easy to use for anyone. You can use the device whenever you want.

Remington RM1025P Electric Chain Saw Review

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Remarkable features of Remington RM1025P Ranger 10Inch 8Amp 2-1 Electric ChainSaw

Advanced cutting technology

This amazing electric chainsaw uses the pinnacle of cutting technology. It gives us a 10 inches bar. The chainsaw is operated by 8 amp electric motor with the end of 8 feet pole. It can cut all branches of 15 feet high from the ground level. If we use this chainsaw, we will not have to use a ladder for climbing. The advanced cutting technology of this chainsaw can help us to cut a specific type of logs and branches of a tree. We don’t need to use other cutters to cut fallen trees at our yard.

Integrated two saws in one

Remington RM1025P Ranger 10Inch 8Amp 2-1 Electric ChainSaw is not only a pole saw, but it removes the pole to utilize the saw head as a chainsaw. This amazing feature allows us for easy cutting near close to the ground level. The wrap handle of this chainsaw gives us the right grip during the period of operation. The famous tool has two saws which are integrated into this device. It can easily cut all fallen trees after a heavy storm.

Powerful electric motor

The device has a powerful electric motor that will help for trimming small to medium-size branches. The manufacturing company attached 8 amp electric motor which gives us the power to cut large branches up to 9 inches in diameter.  This 8 amp electric motor is quite enough to operate this power saw in any environment.

Adjustable telescoping pole

Remington RM1025P Ranger 10Inch 8Amp 2-1 Electric ChainSaw has the adjustable telescoping pole which helps to cut and trim high branches up to reach 10 to 15 feet. The chainsaw is designed in a famous lab for easy handling. The telescoping pole of the chainsaw helps us to work with the exact level of reach by pressing a flip of the lever. The locking trigger and the low kickback bar can reduce operator fatigue that’s why we can work for a long time. The aluminum inner pole provides extra strength when we are making the extended reach cuts of the logs. We can keep our saw running with the help of push button oiler.


The manufacturing company of this chainsaw gives us a dependable warranty of two years that gives us an extra peace of mind. You can invest your money without any hassle. This powerful electric tool is ready to provide us a good assistance and support that we need. If we face any problem to operate this chainsaw, the manufacturing company is liable to provide us a support regarding this matter.

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What We Like

Every power tool in the market has various types of benefits, but this electric chainsaw has the following benefits and some drawbacks, these are given below:

  • Having a 8 Amp motor which is powerful enough to handle most of our tough jobs.
  • There is 10 inches low-kickback bar that is big enough for most difficult jobs.
  • This chainsaw can reach to up to 15 feet high to reach in the high branches without the help of a ladder.
  • Supports 96 inches length when it is fully extended.
  • Convenient tool-less machine which can change from pole saw to the chainsaw.
  • It has an Aluminum inner pole that gives us an extra strength and it can control during extended-reach operations.
  • The Saw head of the chainsaw can be removed from pole to use as a chainsaw.
  • The push button of the saw is oiler easily which can apply oil when it is necessary.
  • The Locking trigger can prevent accidental starts of the saw.
  • It comes to market with 10 inches lead power cord.

What We Don’t Like

  • The power cord is not lengthy, that’s why we need to use an extended cord for this.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: Does it have any maintenance tips?

Answer: The chainsaw don’t need to maintenance but we need to keep an eye on the chain, this oiler is not the greatest.

Question: What is the weight of this chainsaw?

Answer: The weight of this chainsaw is about 6 pounds. You can easily handle it and reach to cut higher tree branches.

Question: Does the saw angle?

Answer: No, The saw has a stick and there is no angle adjustment.

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Remington RM1025P Ranger 10Inch 8Amp 2-1 Electric ChainSaw is affordable compared with other same quality chainsaws in the market. It is light but durable. We can easily select this power tool for our household use. Most of the satisfied customers recommend this for other new customers. The chainsaw is a versatile product that can reach at 15 feet high to cut and trim tree branches. The device doesn’t need much maintenance. It has safe kickback reduction which is secure for using as a new user. The Remington RM1025P has the options, balance and good quality features that will help for your cutting jobs. The product price is affordable for everyone. You can choose this chainsaw because It is one of the best electric chainsaws in the market. We recommend you to buy this product for light to heavy duty cutting yard work and especially for its’ 15 feet overhead.

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